Text Formatting using Markdown

Learn how you can use Markdown within TestLodge, so that you can format your text to include bold, italics, headings, bullet-points and more.

TestLodge supports Markdown, allowing you to format your text for better organization and readability.

What is Markdown?

Markdown is an easy way to apply basic formatting to text. You may have already heard of WYSIWYG. Markdown is a simplified version of a WYSIWYG editor. Many popular tools such as Github, Trello, Zendesk, etc use markdown to let their users format text.

Markdown uses characters you’re already familiar with, so there’s no need to learn a new syntax as there would be with formatting text via HTML.

Markdown in TestLodge

By using Markdown in TestLodge, you can apply basic formatting to your text areas such as bold, bullet and numbered lists, quotes, hyperlinks and more.

Here are some basic examples of how to format Markdown:

Applying Headings

  • Header 1 – # H1 text
  • Header 2 – ## H2 text
  • Header 3 – ### H3 text
  • Header 4 – #### H4 text

Applying Emphasis

  • Bold – **double asterisks**
  • Underline – _underscore_
  • Italics – *single asterisks*

Formatting Lists

  • Ordered list – Start each row with a number and dot. (e.g. ‘1. This is row one.’)
  • Unordered list – Start each row with a asterisks. (e.g. ‘* This is row one.’)

Adding Links & Quotes

  • Link – [TestLodge](http://www.testlodge.com)
  • URLs – Plain URLs such as ‘http://www.testlodge.com’ will also auto link
  • Block quote – > This is a quote
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