Using Test Suites and Test Cases

This post explains the difference between test cases and test suites within TestLodge, and how you can create a test suite for your test cases.

A test suite is a collection of one or more test cases. You can think of them as the “folders” your test cases are stored in.

Test cases are the individual tests; the step-by-step sequence of actions that must be followed in order to execute the test.

Note: a test suite must be created before you create any test cases.

Here’s a quick overview of Test Suites & Test Cases:


Creating a Test Suite

To create a test suite, navigate to the Test Suite tab and click New test suite.

create test suite

Give the test suite a name (required) and associate it with a test plan (optional).

Now that you’ve created a test suite, you can start adding individual test cases to the suite.

To add a test case, click New test case.

create test case

A test case can have the following attributes:

  • Title (required)
  • Description
  • Test Steps
  • Requirements to verify
  • File Attachments
  • Custom fields

Check out our blog for on writing good test cases with an example.

Test Suite ‘Sections’

You can organize your test suites into “sections” to help keep things organized. For example, maybe you have a test suite titled “Contact Form”. You can organize the cases using sections like “Required Fields” and “Data Storage/Submit”.

test suite

Once you’ve created your test cases, you can start running your tests.

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