What is a Test Plan?

What is a test plan? Learn how to create a test plan in TestLodge and also learn how to link your test plans to tests once you have created them.

A test plan is a testing artefact that details the objectives and processes of a testing project. A good test plan includes information about timelines, dependencies, team members involved, and pass/fail criteria. A test plans helps align the entire team around the testing project.

You can create a test plan using our pre-built template, or create one from scratch.


Creating a Test Plan

To create a test plan in TestLodge, click the Test Plan tab, followed by selecting New Test Plan.

create test plan

Select the Template option to use our pre-built template. Or select the Blank option to create your own test plan from scratch.

Linking Test Plans to Tests

Once you create a test plan, you can associate the test plan with your test suites. For example, maybe you have a team in charge of testing the functionality of a mobile app. The test plan for those tests can be linked to all tests related to the mobile app.

For more information on test plans, check out our blog post.

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