User Roles & Permissions

Learn more about the three user types within TestLodge - Account Holders, Administrators and Standard Users - and their respective abilities.

There are three types of user roles within TestLodge:

  • Account Holders
  • Administrators
  • Standard Users

Check out this short video for a quick overview of roles and permissions:


Account Holders

The person who originally signed up for TestLodge is automatically granted an Account Holder role. This will give them access and permissions to do everything. There must be at least one user who has this role but there is no upper limit on the number of people who it can be granted to. All Account Holders can assign further Administrator and Account Holder roles to colleagues. Anyone with Account Holder status will receive billing/receipt emails.

To assign the Account Holder role to a user:

  1. Login as a current account holder
  2. Under the People section, select Account holders
  3. Under the drop-down list of users, find the user you want to grant Account holder privileges to and click Grant privileges.


Administrators have access to everything apart from account billing/management. This role includes the following permissions:

  • Create, edit and delete projects
  • Create, manage and assign people
  • Update account settings
  • Access all projects
  • Assign admin access to other users

To assign the Administrator role to a user:

  1. Login as a Administrator
  2. Under the People section, select Administrators.
  3. Under the drop-down list of users, find the user you want to grant Administrator privileges to and click Grant privileges.

Standard Users

This role applies to everyone who isn’t already an Account Holder or an Administrator. Users only have access to the projects allocated to them by those in one of the other two roles. User roles can be customized to fit the needs of your team by creating individually titled “Project Roles”.

Creating Project Roles

Project roles allow a detailed customization of exactly what each user can access in TestLodge for individual projects. For example, someone on your team might be responsible for only running tests. They probably don’t need access to edit the test plan or requirements so a Project Role can be created just for that.

To create custom project roles, under the People section, select Custom roles, then click New role.

create role

Now that you’ve created that role, you can assign this role to individual users for each project.

Click People and and select the 3-dot icon next to a user. From there, you can set a role for each project.

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