Managing your User Profile

Each person using TestLodge has a user profile where their personal account details and authentication details are stored. Find out how to manage your user profile here.

A user profile is a personal directory of stored settings that can be accessed when the user associated with it logs in. It is possible to have one or multiple accounts related to a single user profile. To manage your user profile and update your email address, change the name you use, or view your associated accounts, please visit

Do you support social authentication to login?

Yes, when you invite new users to join your account, they will have the option to sign-up by using either an email and password or social authentication via Google SSO.

When setting up a new account, you first need to sign up using an email address and a new password. As soon as your account has been created and verified, the next step is to link your social account with your new TestLodge user profile. Please follow the instructions below for 'How can I use social authentication to log in to my existing account?'.

How can I use social authentication to login to my existing account?

If you are an existing user and currently log in with an email and password, but you'd prefer to use social authentication to access TestLodge, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the email address you use for your social and your current TestLodge account is the same.
  2. Log out of TestLodge.
  3. Return to the TestLodge login, and click the social connection you want to use for logging in.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts and approve sharing of data with TestLodge.
  5. Once approved, and if your email address matches an existing user, you will be asked if you want to link with your existing TestLodge account. Choose 'continue,' which will return you to the TestLodge login screen.
  6. Next, login as usual by entering your email and password to verify your identity. (It's essential to complete this step to finalize linking your social account.)

After completing these steps, you can log in using either method in the future. If you have multiple social accounts that you wish to link, repeat this process for each of them.

How do I delete my user profile?

Your user profile remains active for as long as it is associated with one or more TestLodge accounts. Should you want to delete your user profile, ask an admin user from each associated account to remove you. Your profile will be deleted automatically once removed from all accounts. Please note that deletion can take up to one week.

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